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Welcome to How2EatWell!
Specializing in menopause support  & type 2 diabetes prevention we help you keep your mid
life health on track

We believe healthy eating should be simple, easy & fun. 
Each week we share the best tips and research directly to your inbox.
Our online courses and health programs 
help you discover a health journey to suit you!

Stephanie Bedford Registered Nutritionist at How2eatwell photo. her special interest is menopause and type 2 diabetes prevention.
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Meet Stephanie, Your Registered  Nutritionist

Hi, I'm Stephanie Bedford BSc (Hons) PgDip RNutr, I founded How2EatWell in 2013.


I'm an award-winning Registered Nutritionist with a special interest in supporting women like you through menopause.  In 2023 I created The Menopause Plate which specifically helps women choose the best food to support their menopause symptoms.

So how can I help you?

There are 3 easy ways we can get started together.


1 Join in the conversation for free on Facebook or Instagram.

Join The Menopause Club, an online, private members group.

Join our How2EatWell Facebook page 

Follow us on Instagram @How2EatWell 

2. Keep learning with our FREE Newsletter and our Blog, which grows with FREE resources and interesting articles as we discover them.

​3 When you are ready for change take a look at our online courses.


I'm excited to help you!


Our Online Courses

Shape Up Your Menopause

How many of these common situations have you experienced?

  • When will my period start? or end!

  • Why is my hair thin? I used to have beautiful hair.

  • I’ve got no energy to watch TV let alone go to the gym.

  • ​Why am I crying?

  • ​Why am I angry?

  • ​I’m getting fatter and fatter, why?

  • ​I’m getting up in the night to pee.


So many women are asking “Help! What is happening to me?”


Well, what if you could work out what was happening?


How would it feel to get your health back on track?


What would it feel like to understand your health and to take control of any changes?


We show you how to have a better menopause.


Enrol here to find out more!

Lunch Box Challenge

Fed up with the same old lunch box?

Looking for lunch box inspiration?

How can you make your lunch box healthier?

Need budget-friendly recipes for lunch boxes?

We hear you! That's why we created The Lunch Box Challenge.

 30 days of lunch box inspiration to improve your food choices and have a healthier lunch box.

Suitable for all ages, and we even get the kids involved!

Join our waitlist by clicking the button below for the next start date!

Excited to help you have a healthier and tastier lunch box!

Let's do this!

Online Retreat

7 days to get your health on track.  

Breakfast Lunch and Dinner recipes suitable for all the family.

Lifestyle tips to help you develop healthier habits.

Structured, small steps to support your health goals.

No boot camps, no diets, no cleansing!


Good, honest nutrition you will enjoy and can stick to long term.


Set your own goals.

Daily advice and support straight to your email.

Join our waitlist for the next start date

menopause tips, recipes and resources to help you manage your menopause symptoms.

Women's Health News, Facts, Tips, Resources

Would you like all the latest women's health information in one place?

Are you looking for inspiration to improve your health?

Do you want to know more about the latest menopause health trends?

Would you like menopause support?

If this sounds like you then sign up for our newsletter for weekly snippets of news, nuggets of facts & spoonfuls of recipes.

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