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Stephanie Bedford award winning Registered Nutritionist with special interest in menopause symptoms and preventing type 2 diabetes. this is a photo of stephanie bedford with an award.

Does this sound like you?


40+ years old and in perimenopause?

Overwhelmed by health info?

Can’t stick to food rules?

No time to cook?

Busy life?

Deep down you know that your health is suffering and that changes need to be made before type 2 diabetes and other mid-life health conditions change your long-term health outlook.


But where do you begin?

Is it all down to menopause? 


I’m listening, I hear you. I am working on a solution.


Every day women like you tell me what is holding them back from living a healthier life and how they struggle with their perimenopause symptoms.


The most common problem is information overwhelm and not being able to start or stick to anything.  This means they stay in the rut of unhealthy habits, feel guilty, and try each new year to “have another go at a health kick” but fall off the health wagon by February.


Many women also dismiss all their health challenges and discomfort as due to menopause and don't realize there are lots of simple ways to feel significantly better.

What if you could build your own health knowledge from a reputable source?  Find tools to help you understand your health? Find out more about ingredients and how to choose better food in your weekly shop? All in one place, with an expert to ask?


Would this help you feel that your health was your decision, your choice, something that works best for you and your life?


Through my newsletter and this website I help you discover your health.  Each week I break down health news snippets, nuggets of facts with a spoonful of recipe ideas.  I do my very best to make it simple, exciting, easy, fun, and for the long term.


So how do you start?


The simplest way to start is with one simple step.

Sign up for the newsletters, see what you find interesting each week, and follow your interests.  You might decide to join one of our free online groups or take it further to an online course. But that’s up to you when you are ready.


My goal is to show you how you don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start, to be great.


So let’s start, together, a step at a time.


Step 1 sign up for the newsletter! Just click below.



How2eatwell can help you understand your menopause symptoms, here we show you how you can connect with how2eatwell to improve your health. how2eatwell have a newsletter, blog, Facebook community, Instagram following and run online courses. Choose your preferred way to connect with us, How2eatwell is here to help menopausal women and those trying to prevent type 2 diabetes.
Menopause recipes and tips, choose food to help your health.
More images of food to help your health.  Avocado image.

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